November 02, 2015

I found my doppelgänger

Maybe we all have a Lookalike

The first ever exhibition I saw at NRW-Forum Düsseldorf where I am now doing the English tours of #EgoUpdate exhibition  was Radical Advertising, a spellbinding exhibition about - you guessed it - advertising.

Recently I looked for some material about this exhibition and I was also reading up on some other things related to the Forum.

As so many other times when you use Google, I found a Wikipedia page, which, in English, talked about NRW-Forum and the exhibitions.

I couldn't believe my eyes! There is a photo that at least today, November 2 2015, is used to illustrate NRW-Forum. A photo FROM the actual exhibition that was the first I saw: Radical Advertisement.  What are the odds? 

And - to make things even more odd: In the photo, in the foreground, I can see myself. Except it's NOT me. It took me a while to realise that it couldn't be, as I never wear short sleeves over long, but other than that: Sure, it's not the same frames on the glasses but I've changed glasses plenty of times and round about that time I had a pair without a strong frame. 

There are a few other details, small, but distinct, that are different between her and me, but to find them you have to really know me and what to look for. Even the hair looks very much the same, or the same as my hair back then.

How very confusing and such a funny coincidence! My lookalike, my doppelganger likes art too and came to Radical Advertising! 

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