November 03, 2015

On the topic of waste

A few words on waste and recycling

On the topic of waste I recently read that a Swedish supermarket is copying the French model selling fruits and vegetables that aren't picture perfect but have everything else a fruit and vegetable should have. Read more about the French project here, "Ugly Carrots" - I blogged about it earlier this year. 

I am very happy and excited that more countries take after the French example! Our resources are not for ever. We only have one planet. 

What France and now Sweden is doing is well connected to what John Oliver talked about regarding waste - see link to previous blogpost and check the clip with John Oliver. 

In Germany I miss better visibility and education on what actually happens to the waste, because without understanding the impact, I find that people take less care. Understandable so. And even for me, who have received ISO14000 training, and who try and stay up to date on what's going on in the sustainability field and keep track on waste management - I don't quite understand the German system. 

Things that should be a given - or at least are to me - are often done differently here, for example I on a regular basis see tissues in the paper recycling here. You can't recycle tissues, not to make new paper. Tissues you can burn and get energy, but you don't recycle the used tissues. I can't help but wonder how much of the so called "recycling" is messed up by the wrong things thrown in to the recycling, making the batch trash that has to be burnt or used for landfill... 
And that is just one example. 

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