January 10, 2016

EGOUpdate - Last Chance to see

EGOupdate - Identity in the Digital Era

Since September I have been involved with the exhibition EgoUpdate at NRW-Forum Düsseldorf here in Düsseldorf - I wrote about it in October already, and  then again in November.

Night view of NRW-Forum, building from the 1920, with lights
© NRW-Forum / Foto: Andreas Kuschner/ALIMONIE
Working with this exhibition, put together by Alain Bieber and his team at NRW-Forum, has been absolutely fantastic - it is an exhibition that deserves your attention. 

#EGOUpdate is a very unique exhibition, I dare say. One of the young men I met at one of  the tours put his finger on it: While many other art exhibitions are a lot about facts, this exhibition is about impressions, what you feel and think when you experience the show. 

I have to agree with the young man. There are of course a lot of facts to be told about the art and the artists in EgoUpdate, but what's even more important is what the artists say with their art and how the audience sees it. What is, at least to me, essential for EgoUpdate at NRW-Forum Düsseldorf is what the exhibition makes you feel - it brings up topics like identity, privacy, chances, risks and opportunity with digital photo, where we are coming from and where we are going. Ego Update is a very thought-provoking - and FUN - exhibition that offers many opportunities to reflect upon the world around us, and, I feel, hence a tremendously important exhibition. Here we meet avatars, alter-egos, we talk about how we document and present ourselves, what is fake, what is real, about different roles we may have - this is an exhibition that, if you let yourself get inspired, and go in with an open mind, can really change your perspectives.