January 10, 2016

EGOUpdate - Last Chance to see

EGOupdate - Identity in the Digital Era

Since September I have been involved with the exhibition EgoUpdate at NRW-Forum Düsseldorf here in Düsseldorf - I wrote about it in October already, and  then again in November.

Night view of NRW-Forum, building from the 1920, with lights
© NRW-Forum / Foto: Andreas Kuschner/ALIMONIE
Working with this exhibition, put together by Alain Bieber and his team at NRW-Forum, has been absolutely fantastic - it is an exhibition that deserves your attention. 

#EGOUpdate is a very unique exhibition, I dare say. One of the young men I met at one of  the tours put his finger on it: While many other art exhibitions are a lot about facts, this exhibition is about impressions, what you feel and think when you experience the show. 

I have to agree with the young man. There are of course a lot of facts to be told about the art and the artists in EgoUpdate, but what's even more important is what the artists say with their art and how the audience sees it. What is, at least to me, essential for EgoUpdate at NRW-Forum Düsseldorf is what the exhibition makes you feel - it brings up topics like identity, privacy, chances, risks and opportunity with digital photo, where we are coming from and where we are going. Ego Update is a very thought-provoking - and FUN - exhibition that offers many opportunities to reflect upon the world around us, and, I feel, hence a tremendously important exhibition. Here we meet avatars, alter-egos, we talk about how we document and present ourselves, what is fake, what is real, about different roles we may have - this is an exhibition that, if you let yourself get inspired, and go in with an open mind, can really change your perspectives. 

Faces found in nature, picture of green lands from above
Cedric Kiefer: Google Faces (2013) © Onformative
I know EgoUpdate certainly has made a very strong impression on me, not the least thanks to the fantastic people I have met at tours and in the workshops hosted at NRW Forum, and the interesting discussions we have had - when a group of teenagers high-five you when you meat them outside on your way to lunch, and when others stop you in the street wanting to talk about the exhibition, or when they tell their teacher that they don't want to leave, after having already spent almost two hours at the exhibition, then you know they have been touched - and isn't that what art should be all about? Touching people, making us think?

This exhibition has perhaps been extra interesting to me, who have one foot in art and one in IT, since it is an exhibition about digital photography, and many of the artists are also using digital media and Internet either for inspiration or to spread their art, however I really feel that there is something for everyone in the show - hurry up and see for yourself, you only have a few days left! 

I know I will miss EgoUpdate tremendously, no matter how excited I am about the coming shows I really wish EgoUpdate could have been on for just a little bit longer, to allow even more people to come and see it, but that is not possible, unfortunately - the Forum has to make space for the next exciting thing on the agenda, Horst P Horst, A Photographer in Style, from Victoria and Albert museum, and various other events and happenings that are planned for 2016.  But there are a few days left, we run Ego Update until January 17 2016 - and I would like to remind you that there is an open tour in German on Friday January 15, at 20:00. 

I would really encourage you to go see it!

NRW-Forum is easy to get to, just take the underground - U-bahn - to Tonhalle here in Düsseldorf and walk from there, it's just a few minutes away (and I happen to know that the bar at NRW-Forum has nice drinks and tasty food and great cakes as well, so don't worry if you have to go straight from work, you can grab a bite to eat before or after the tour). 

Really hope that as many as possible takes the opportunity - it is the LAST chance to see EgoUpdate - at least in Düsseldorf... 

All photos in this post are coming from NRW-Forum and are a part of the Press material.  Photos may only be used indicating the copyright. 

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