March 07, 2016

International Women's Day coming up

It's that time of the year again.

International Women's day. 

Yes, this is really still a very important day because women are STILL, in this day an age, regularly discriminated against, women STILL have to work much harder on getting heard, getting recognised, women are STILL earning less than men for the same job - on average - read Sheryl Sandberg's book "Lean In" if you don't trust my word for it (link from The New Yorker)

Women are still not sitting at the table under the same conditions. 

And we still have defend ourselves for doing/acting/responding the way a man does. 
Often we are treated differently by men who don't even realise that they do  - I was asked to speak at a conference once, a tech conference, and as a friend of mine said (a male friend, mind you):
You, who are such a techie, are asked to speak at a conference, and what do you get? Diversity? Why not ask you to talk about one of the tech topics that you know so well
And yes, that's exactly what it is being a woman. It is assumed that you can take the "soft topics" while the "REAL" techies take care of the tech topics, and because we women are raised to work for the team, we don't want to stick out and claim our position; We were simply not brought up that way... No matter how open your family is, you are also a response to your surroundings. 

And that is ONE of the many reasons I like this video, which a friend of mine posted a link to on Twitter.

We hear about the male inventors, but why can't we name any female ones?
Look at these girls; They have recognised the problem - and recognising that there is a problem is the first step towards finding a solution! 

"My favourite topic is Science (...) because you can invent all kinds of cool things (...) there are like, no limits"

And that is true - there aren't any limits in science itself, and there shouldn't be elsewhere either. 

Except there is, when we don't let women take space.

Lets remember that this is a global issue. It may not be LEGAL do discriminate in the western world, but we still do, maybe not on purpose, but we do. Listen to how we talk to children, what tone of voice we use, what words we use - and how we encourage children. Have you never caught yourself commenting on how cute a girl is while you compliment the boy next to her on his abilities? I certainly catch myself doing that. Not very often, because I am aware, but I do. 

We all do.

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Mike Fagan said...

I like your header picture for the blog, but I wonder where it is; somewhere on Taiwan's northern coastline?

On the topic, perhaps it is not too rude of me to suggest this video?