April 10, 2016

There is something fishy going on - blogging

Just a little update: For some reason I am not allowed to comment on my own blog. Probably due to some settings on the browser - I tend to set my security level to "paranoid" - but I just have to find out the reason.

I really like getting comments so please just have patience! I am NOT ignoring you.

Oh, and Mike who asked about the header - thank you! It is not from Taiwan at all, the photo that I used for the header is taken in northern Europe, in the archipelago outside Gothenburg, Sweden. 

Similar bare cliffs like in Taiwan, maybe that's also one reason why I like Taiwan so much (others being the amazing people, the food and the climate) - but the cliffs in the archipelago outside Gothenburg, and along the coast from Gothenburg up to Norway are much softer, they were worn down by the ice during the ice age. 


Mike Fagan said...

Yeah thanks, take your time. I'm from England and have been to a number of countries in continental Europe but never to Sweden. Hope you get your commenting problem resolved soon.

TravellingAK said...

testing the whole commenting again.

TravellingAK said...

Wohoo, I can comment - finally the problem is solved (to be honest I hadn't had THAT much time to look at the issue before, been quite busy)