June 29, 2016

Accessibility - Usability taken to the next level

Accessibility. It's Usability taken one step further. And it is good business, too

Recently (June 28 2016) I presented at GDG Düsseldorf. I've talked about accessibility before, and I get involved in usability a lot, both when it comes to design and leading/advising on projects. 
It isn't always easy to get the business to understand the impact on the business when you don't consider usability and accessibility - especially not when times are tough and you need to deliver.

However I firmly believe that accessibility is really good for the business. For most businesses. And if you don't think it is for you - well, that's fine, but at least make sure it is because a conscious decision you made and not because you "didn't think about it".  

This is not a tech heavy talk, but more of a generalist talk, to get your attention - and that is completely on purpose. I may build on this and do a more tech heavy talk in the future, but I am also convinced that every developer and every designer is fully capable of finding the information they need - we have a world of knowledge at our fingertips.   It is also not a talk with fancy pictures, and animations - that is the part I do myself when I present.

The best part of the whole talk though? The great discussion it lead to.  

Unfortunately you can't be a part of the face to face discussion, because it happened at the event, yesterday. 

However I never the less wanted to share the slides. Just flipping through the pages may not make much sense - I try and keep my slides relatively "clean", if I put everything on the actual slides there wouldn't be much point in me presenting, would it? You can however find more information in the speaker notes. I don't use the speaker notes much myself, but they are good to have in case I get lost - and you may find it useful if you weren't there.

I'd especially recommend to check the references and links if you are interested. If you click on the little "cog" at the end of the row of symbols, you can open the presenter notes with it.

PS! I got the question "for which platform". This talk is platform independent.

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