June 04, 2016

Sustainability Conference in Düsseldorf - Sustainica

There are few things I care about as much as about sustainability

Well, that would be usability and accessibility.

Sustainability is really important. It's the only thing that matters in the long run, because if we overall fail in the sustainability field - well, then there isn't much point in worrying about anything else. 

Orange poppy, close-up, illustrating environment
There are a lot of discussions on what's best for the environment and how to do things: Bio fuel is better for the air quality but since much of it is palm oil based there are other impacts on the planet. Deforestation  is just one of them..

Aluminium cans are easy to recycle and can be recycled again and again, but the amount of energy you need to produce them in the first place is - well, let's just say cans that end up as landfill is a terrible waste. 

We light candles to save energy - but the candles releases CO2 in the air. 

We collect plastic in yellow bins in Germany and call it recycling but the recycling means mainly burning - however we reuse the energy from the burning and heat houses with it so is it good or bad? I had some interesting discussions around this at the Plastic Icons exhibition here in Düsseldorf.

There are simply a lot of questions out there

Now we have the chance to discuss some of these questions - here in Germany! During the end of this week, June 2-5 2016, SLInitiative (see link) together with NRW-Forum in Düsseldorf organises Sustainica, a conference and fair focusing on sustainability.

It is true that some of the ideas may be too extreme still - but from extreme ideas we can iterate and iterate until we get to an idea that we can move on with. Sustainica as well as Planet B forces us to think in new ways - and that's what I love abot it!

For a conference Sustainica is extremely good value for money, during the weekend you pay 12 EUR for a whole day of talks, chances to interact with the exhibitors, to ask questions - and you also have a chance to see Planet B while you are at the NRW-Forum

The NRW-Forum with a green lawn in front of the buildingFact is, many museums across the globe are far more costly to get in to - MoMa in New York, for example, one of my favourite museums in the world, charges 25 USD. NRW-Forum and Sustainica charges 12 EUR for a combi ticket including a conference! If that's not good value for money I don't know what is. We are very lucky in Europe, having access to so much for so little.

I hope you take the opportunity to join the discussions at the NRW-Forum. And if you see the woman with a red scarf, say hi. I will be there as a normal visitor. 


WWF - about the use of palm oil
Green Lifestyle Magazine  about the Plastic/Aluminium/Glass discussion
Organic soul - also on Plastic/Aluminium/Glass discussion
Philly.com - same thing: Plastic/Aluminium/Glass

Planet B, the exhibition at NRW-Forum that runs from now to August 21 2016

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