June 09, 2016

Taiwanese touch - in California!

And in Mountain View I found Taiwan

I was in California recently, for Google I/O, one of the biggest (the biggest?) tech conferences in the world.

Green hills overlooking the Bay AreaIt was great to be back in California, a part of the world I have visited many times before. I am especially fond of the area around San Francisco and San Jose, the whole  Silicon Valley, the nature is amazing here.  I wouldn't actually mind living in California for a while, despite all earthquakes and the ridiculously high prices if I found an interesting job there (although since I am not actively looking in that area that is unlikely to actually happen).

But that's not what I wanted to tell you about!

What I wanted to tell you about was an unlikely meeting. 

One of the days during the weekend I decided to visit the Computer History Museum -  that in itself so interesting that it deserves a separate post if I find the time later - and on the way back to San Jose, where I was staying for the majority of my trip, I stopped by Castro Street to get something to eat- and there,  not far from the  train station, in the heart of Mountain View, I found something that made me immensely happy. 

I found a very unexpected little gem - a touch of Taiwan! Izzo Restaurant, a brand new restaurant with smaller dishes from Taiwan - all the snacks I love!  I especially found my beloved gua bao, 掛包 ! (or 割包 , I am never quite sure which one of them I should pick, but I get more hits on Google on the first variant so I will go with that until someone corrects me) - the Steamed Pork Belly bun.  
Taiwanese steamed pork bun, a steamed bun with meat inside
Who would have thought?

This used to be my midnight snack when I lived in Taiwan, I'd go to the place around the corner and get a freshly gua bao - and I really do miss it. Fact is, just finding gua bao made the whole trip worth while, the rest was just a bonus (but WHAT a bonus.) OK, I may be exaggerating slightly, but finding Taiwanese food in the heart of Silicon Valley really did make me happy.  

Officially the restaurant hadn't opened yet, so they didn't have everything that was on the menu - but they had my steamed pork bun, and they have great tea eggs, and very nice pickles plus a few other things -  and the Taiwanese part of my heart was singing with joy. YES, I know, I am not biologically Taiwanese, but it doesn't matter, a piece of my heart is there and will always be. 

If/when I come back to Mountain View to visit, I will definitely make sure I check out Izzo again! Now you just make sure you go there often so they continue to cook! 

You'll find it on 246 Castro Street, Mountain View, close to the train station.  

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