October 28, 2016

Why? And five of them...

Finding the REAL reason

I am convinced we all at some point experienced that something didn't go quite the way we wanted to - and even though we thought we addressed the issue, it either pops up again or we never managed to quite solve it. 

There is no point in mopping up the water if the tap is still running, it is just going to get wet again

Work with solving the root problem, not the Symptom. 

Working in a LEAN environment I am used to asking WHY. Six Sigma training helped underlining this, and so did Lean training. It may also bit of a family trait, we analyse, and like to get to the very bottom of things. I can't help but wonder if that's because I come from a big family and with a lot of children around, you always hear "Why"... We are simply used to it - maybe not so strange that all of us ended up in IT, Lean environment, Logistics, Development, Project management... 

There is a recipe, a technique for this, the 5 Why principle.