November 10, 2016

GDG - what an amazing community

More to be proud of

I wrote a post about the proudest moment, as I feel it is important to not give up but to remember the good things that are out there, working towards change, supporting strong people, and especially now, in today's world, supporting minorities, women, and young people wanting to change.

There is more that I am proud of. Another thing I am incredibly proud of is being part of GDG, Google Development Group.

Together with other organisers in the DACH region we organise tech events, and not only that, we get involved in events others set up. Being part of the DroidConDE organisation and what's going on around Droidcon two years in a row, if only at the days if the event - another thing that I am proud of.  I wouldn't even have known about it if it wouldn't have been for GDG.

I am one of the organisers of GDG Düsseldorf, the chapter in Düsseldorf and together with our members we organise tech talks every month - you can find us on Meetup .

I am really proud to be part of GDG Düsseldorf, proud that we have enabled so many people to get together though our various events (StudyJams, Devfest, SummerChallenge, monthly meetups), to learn from each other and to develop - as techies, as developers and not the least as speakers. GDG is a fantastic community to be part of, there is just so much knowledge out there! And for someone like me, someone who loves to learn, that is incredible.

GDG is stand-alone from Google, and we decide within the community what we want to do and what we want to present. Google are there and they support us, through the people being responsible for the Developer relations, and through videos, trainings and more, but the community decides, we are independent from Google, and that makes it even more special.

I really hope to see you at an event soon, in Düsseldorf, or if you see me, the woman in the red scarf at some other event (the picture to the left is old, but I haven't changed much, it's just the hair that is slightly longer) come up and say hi - I love getting to know new and interesting people and share experiences. I was at FirebaseDevSummit in Berlin on Monday and I will be at Devfest Berlin Friday and Saturday.

Maybe you would even like to come to Düsseldorf to hold a talk?

The world IS a good place, and communities where we get together to share makes it even better.

This may just be the most exciting and interesting chapter of my life so far! 

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