November 09, 2016

The proudest moment

Continue to learn and remember to reflect. 

About a week ago I was asked by someone to describe my proudest moment, when it comes to work.

One of the most proud moment is, without any doubt, the teenagers I ran onto in Düsseldorf, teenagers who came up to me, gave me a High Five, and wanted to talk about workshop they had attended. Months after the actual workshop. 

I don't think there is anything as rewarding as feeling that you have managed to reach out, that you have triggered something in someone that made them reflect and to think more about something. I had been working with EgoUpdate, an exhibition, together with the rest of the team at NRW-Forum hosting workshops and tours. The exhibition, EgoUpdate, was about identity, notion of self, and social media, with selfies, youfies and more - and it as in the workshops connected to this exhibition that I met the teenagers who, months later, came up to me and wanted to continue the discussion. If the world was full of engaged, fascinated/fascinating people like this, people open for discussion. 

Noting to do with my IT career, at least not in a direct way. 

And absolutely a moment that made me incredibly proud.  I love working with people, also in my IT roles, that is what is most important - the people. Reaching people - incredible. 

I have been involved in so many different types of projects, business improvement projects, changing ERP systems, site moves, starting/opening new locations, design projects, move to cloud and so forth, and I always had the luxury of working with very strong and productive teams - there is a lot to be proud of there, proud of what we achieved as a team. 

There were also times where we worked through the night(s) to fix a problem that would otherwise have impacted a customer and a lot of people. There are times we worked on some critical piece of the software or databases, night and day, to get it right (I am not a programmer, I am a project leader, however it's always a team effort). 

I am absolutely proud of those achievements, no doubt about it - but did they really make a difference, more than financially? I don't know. I like  to think so but I am not so sure.

What I am sure about though is that when teenagers remember the workshop months later and still want to discuss what you talked about then, even if it was months ago, the workshop really made an impression, and, hopefully, impacted who they are. 

I love teaching, inspiring and empowering people. I love speaking in front of people, and I love to interact. And since 2013 I am more free to make my own choices. 

2013 I decided it was time to really step out of my comfort zone, and left my safe job in a big organisation, packed up, and moved to Taiwan, with the intention of studying and learning more about myself. It was scary, and it was the best thing I have ever done. 

While I am now looking for a fixed position yet again, I don't want to ever give up having a connection into art and culture and the possibility to inspire people - I am absolutely convinces that it makes me a stronger leader as well. 

It's incredibly rewarding to see that you had a positive impact on people - and on a day like this it is more important than ever. Spread love.  

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