December 29, 2016

Happy Holidays

Have a peaceful end of 2016

While 2016 has been a very quiet blog year for me, there has of course been, as always, a lot going on - and that's exactly how I like it, having a lot on my plate is what makes me tick, what makes me happy and what makes me who I am. 

The holiday period is however a time for reflections and peacefulness, at least for me - sure, as always (when I'm not travelling) I spend a lot of time in front of the computer but I also try and get some reading done, try and eat well and try and not have much planned. That I have successfully managed also this Christmas, and for that I am grateful. 

I hope you have had an equally peaceful time, regardless of what holiday you celebrate, or even if you just enjoy time off and the lights. 

And even though it is late, Happy Holidays and enjoy the last few days of 2016.