January 30, 2017


I am deeply troubled by what's going on in US at the moment. The fact that I don't write about it here on the blog doesn't take away from that.

I am engaged and involved in various forums and I want to try and keep my own blog as positive as possible, so I will not give the new US leadership more attention than they are already getting - it is really important to stand up against bullies and people who try and rule through fear - looking overall the world is a good place, and people are good.

When it comes to news: We are ALL biased. You can't go through life unbiased, it is simply not possible - with machine learning not even robots are unbiased, because it depends where and what they learn from.

I only have this to ask.

CHECK the sources. Don't buy into anything automatically. Critical thinking is needed now more than ever. Check more than one source, and if something sounds too crazy, double- and triple check.

THINK - think for yourself.

Democracy is built on the people but for democracy to really work and not be demo-Crazy critical thinking is absolutely necessary. It is difficult - but our future depends on it.

And ALWAYS remember that when it comes to politics , there is no such thing as "somebody else's problem".

When it comes to Climate change that is even more true.

What we do now will have an impact generations ahead.

January 26, 2017

Firebase Dev Summit

In November this year I had the pleasure of attending the first Firebase Developer Summit here in Europe, in Berlin, a city I really like. Quite an interesting experience that taught me a lot and allowed me a chance to meet the engineering team behind Firebase, a Google product. You'll see me, the woman in a red scarf , in the background at around 00:54... 😃

Firebase is really a mobile/web app platform, and while ⽕ Firebase ⽕ has been around for a while some of the new functionality makes it very attractive to work with, at least for me - not the least because the platform can be used both for mobile (Android) and web. I find it very useful to not have to worry about the infrastructure, and things like authentication - with Firebase I can use the Google sign on. Overall SSO, Single SignOn is something I find very useful, even if I, personally, tend to use different log-ons for my own accounts. I love back-end and fiddling with infrastructure, but let's face it - it is time consuming and why waste time on it if someone else already provides what you need? It's the same thing as with cloud services and cloud in general. Spend your time on what's really important (like the customers and their needs) and let someone else handle the infrastructure.

Other things that make Firebase attractive is the Firebase Analytics - useful to be able to actually see WHERE your users have problems so you can continue to improve - I am overall a big fan of continuous improvement.

However this is not really a post about Firebase itself, there is plenty of material out there for everyone who has an interest - not the least the talks from Google I/O, and it is better if the experts do the selling. 

January 01, 2017

2016 coming to an end - looking forward to 2017

2016 - an odd year, here is to 2017

Two highlights 2016 for me has certainly been Brittany in May (something I never wrote about here) and California for Google I/O, also in May. 

I love France and I really enjoy going there, enjoy  the food, the people, the atmosphere - and that I went for a friend's birthday, together with a bunch of other friends while I also had time to have "alone time" - that made it even better. 

Google I/O was fantastic too, I learnt a lot and met a lot of inspiring people. I really enjoy California, I only wish that I had had more time to actually see and do more things, meet up with more friends and revisit many of the places I have been to before - I have spent a lot of time in California over the years, mainly because I have many friends there - that's what happens when you hang out with a lot of like minded techies. Coming back to Santa Cruz was fantastic - just next time I need to plan better and have more time (it was a last minute decision to go)

Other than that, this year has been an odd year, and I think and know many agree with me on that - and I am not thinking about the popstars and actors that passed away, no matter how sad. 

It's also been a year of far less travel than I am used to and prefer - although the many great trips to Berlin have been really interesting. I have also spent a lot of time on my own this year - I like being alone, as long as I am not lonely, but 2017 will be the year when I reclaim my social life. It is important to have a mix. 

While it's been a year of  lot of work, trainings, seminars, 

For 2017 I promise myself to travel more, do more of the things I like. Laugh more often, dance more often and not be depending on other people - I can only take responsibility for my own happiness and I am responsible for making sure that I keep on challenging myself, keep on growing as a person. 

Change is good, change is great, as long as you do the change for you and as long as you feel that you take part of the change - and that is my New Year promise to myself. 

I hope more people will do the same.