January 26, 2017

Firebase Dev Summit

In November this year I had the pleasure of attending the first Firebase Developer Summit here in Europe, in Berlin, a city I really like. Quite an interesting experience that taught me a lot and allowed me a chance to meet the engineering team behind Firebase, a Google product. You'll see me, the woman in a red scarf , in the background at around 00:54... 😃

Firebase is really a mobile/web app platform, and while ⽕ Firebase ⽕ has been around for a while some of the new functionality makes it very attractive to work with, at least for me - not the least because the platform can be used both for mobile (Android) and web. I find it very useful to not have to worry about the infrastructure, and things like authentication - with Firebase I can use the Google sign on. Overall SSO, Single SignOn is something I find very useful, even if I, personally, tend to use different log-ons for my own accounts. I love back-end and fiddling with infrastructure, but let's face it - it is time consuming and why waste time on it if someone else already provides what you need? It's the same thing as with cloud services and cloud in general. Spend your time on what's really important (like the customers and their needs) and let someone else handle the infrastructure.

Other things that make Firebase attractive is the Firebase Analytics - useful to be able to actually see WHERE your users have problems so you can continue to improve - I am overall a big fan of continuous improvement.

However this is not really a post about Firebase itself, there is plenty of material out there for everyone who has an interest - not the least the talks from Google I/O, and it is better if the experts do the selling. 

Instead this is a post about the usefulness to stay on top of things and keep on learning- and about how much attending these kind of events mean to me - not just as a GDG Düsseldorf lead and member and a WTM (Women Techmakers) Lead, but for me, personally - it helps me challenge myself and grow, both in technical knowledge and as a leader - there are so many inspiring people out there, and the more I learn the more I realise there is to learn.

I try and attend events on a regular basis, even if I am not a regular coder - I started with coding many years ago, as a part of my education, but very quickly got drawn into the "other" side of IT - administration, operations, and leadership. I became a project leader instead. To become a really good programmer you need to live/breathe/eat code, at least for a part of your life, otherwise you just become good at that specific language - a really good coder is a problem solver that can understand the process regardless of language, at least if you ask me, and I just never had the  time to do that. I still love the magic of code, but I am just as happy when someone else writes it.

Now go dig deeper into Firebase! Youtube Channel here - and Google Developers Youtube channel here


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