January 30, 2017


I am deeply troubled by what's going on in US at the moment. The fact that I don't write about it here on the blog doesn't take away from that.

I am engaged and involved in various forums and I want to try and keep my own blog as positive as possible, so I will not give the new US leadership more attention than they are already getting - it is really important to stand up against bullies and people who try and rule through fear - looking overall the world is a good place, and people are good.

When it comes to news: We are ALL biased. You can't go through life unbiased, it is simply not possible - with machine learning not even robots are unbiased, because it depends where and what they learn from.

I only have this to ask.

CHECK the sources. Don't buy into anything automatically. Critical thinking is needed now more than ever. Check more than one source, and if something sounds too crazy, double- and triple check.

THINK - think for yourself.

Democracy is built on the people but for democracy to really work and not be demo-Crazy critical thinking is absolutely necessary. It is difficult - but our future depends on it.

And ALWAYS remember that when it comes to politics , there is no such thing as "somebody else's problem".

When it comes to Climate change that is even more true.

What we do now will have an impact generations ahead.

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