March 08, 2017

Happy International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day!

A good day to celebrate both how far we have come - women are allowed in  most jobs, we have the right to vote in most countries - at least where voting is allowed - we can theoretically become whatever we want - but also a day to remember how long we still have to go.

You may be allowed in all jobs as a woman but there are a lot of jobs where you won't be hired, because someone has the idea that "that's not interesting to women", or "she will anyhow have kids soon and leave" or "she is too old" or "[choose the job] is better for men because [pick silly reason]" or "she is too nice looking and she would just be a distraction" or "she is not pretty enough so she wouldn't represent our brand well".

There is also a long way to go, also in the countries that are deemed to be the most equal: Women are still doing the majority of the house work even when working full time, women still get, on average, lower pay for the same job (or a different title when doing the same job). Women are still told that they are "bossy" when men "have leadership skills" - and so forth. 

The list can be made long but for today - let us focus on the positive and on getting stronger, and recognising that being a woman can be so many different things to different women - and that is not just OK, that is great! 

Some of us, like myself, don't want kids.
Some of us are the perfect mother and spend all the time with kids, and are happy in that role. 

Some of us are nurses and caregivers and are perfectly happy with that. 

Others, like myself, want to to other things with our lives and prefer taking care of ourselves but otherwise prefers to share the responsibilities.

Some of us, like myself, love tech and want nothing more than being in tech (although mind you, I have one foot in art as well and that excites me and makes me a better IT project leader) . 

I am so grateful for being born where I was and having had the possibilities. I am equally happy that I already as a very small kid got to visit dad at his job and see computers at work, and that I also got to come with mum to where she used to work - I may have picked a male dominated world but to me, it was never awkward, as I had seen it from a young age and I never identified myself with a specific role. 

That said, working in IT wasn't a given, but that was more because I thought one had to have a "real" job, I didn't feel, growing up, that it was OK to work with your hobby. But that was a whole different issue - and it let me to take some other courses before I steered in to IT - courses that in no way was wasted; Pedagogy is extremely useful as an IT project leader. 

My goal in life is to inspire others to grow. I am not always successful but I try and get better - continuous improvement is my motto.

Help someone to grow today

Happy International Women's Day!

Photo is from DroidCon a few years ago. It is a terrible photo of me, but you know what: I don't care. I am not there to be an object - it is there to show a woman in Tech!

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