March 13, 2017

Kite flying

 Fun in the sun 

On a completely different subject... Kite flying....

Going through old photos, after a recent hard disk crash, I found some old photos from when I did some kite flying here in Düsseldorf - or rather tried to.

It was a few years ago. Some weeks, or maybe months earlier I had walked past a children's toy store and found a kite. A cheap one, just some plastic toy, really, one I had to put together myself, but one with a long tail and two handles. I remember having a kite when I was a small kid, however the kites me and my brothers had were small kites, without a proper tail and with only one string attached, this one was slightly fancier, but really only a little - or if it was simply more modern.

I remember kite flying, I remember there being many kids out in a field - mind you, at that time I lived in a very small village so "many" was certainly relative (we were only about 32 kids in the whole area born the same year as me and we only had one small shop, for the most urgent things you could need - everything else you had to have a car or other transportation for.) It felt like there were many kids though as we all somehow stuck together - kids from various age groups, we often played games together, and kite flying was one of those things. 

Kite flying was the thing for a while, and everyone would gather out on a big field and try and fly their kites.  I don't think we were ever very successful though, at least I can't remember a lot of actual flying, but I do remember gathering on the field, a big bunch of kids, with our kites. It never quite left me.

Travelling in Asia I have always been absolutely mesmerised with the kite flyers, they seem to stand there, almost still, while the kites are flying, higher and higher, listening to the tiniest move of the wrists of the kite flyers, and reacting to the wind, going higher and higher.

You sometimes see them on the riverbanks of Düsseldorf as well, the flyers, and you see their amazing kites against the blue sky. I love it, there is something so

From when I was a kid I remember running and running and running, as fast as my tiny little legs could carry me, and as fast as you could in the clogs we seemed to always be wearing in the summer - but never quite getting it up in the air. I always WANTED to try again, so one day when I saw a cheap kite for sale I bought it.

Now I DO realise that the real kite flyers, the good ones, have fancy kites, kites made of good materials, kites that are MADE to reach the sky quickly and swiftly, kites made to fly high, kites made to be easy to control - and I realise the cheap ones will never do the same but I figured I'd start with a cheap one, see if I really got around to using it, and then later, when I know what I am doing and that I will use it, I can buy myself a proper one.

I was probably a wise decision. I'm not very good at it - and it is hard to find time.

To fly my kid's kite I got some friends together and we tried. It was not windy enough on the day, and even though we tried and tried we couldn't get the kite to fly properly - or maybe we were just lousy at it. I should have tried more, but I don't know where my kite is anymore - and my friends who came with me and kept me company have moved away.

Next time I want to get a better one and maybe get someone to show me.

Maybe next time I travel... Otherwise, if YOU who read this happen to be in Düsseldorf, know someone who knows how to fly a kite or can fly one yourself and want to show me; Send me a message, I would love to learn from someone who really know how to do this - because next time, next time I want my kite to reach above the roof tops!

Did you by the way know that in Swedish, the word for "Kite" and the word for "Dragon" is the same?
No wonder they fascinate me.

Who wouldn't be spellbound by a dragon...

I want to spend time outside, take time off and go fly with my kite.

Experience that magic.

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