April 07, 2017

Devfest Düsseldorf in the making

A Developer Conference

Some of you who stop by here from time to time may know/remember that I am part of the organiser team for #GDGDUS - GDG Düsseldorf (more about it here) and Women Techmakers Düsseldorf. 

We are a part of a bigger community, Google Developers across the globe. While GDG != Google we do have a connection to Google and we are supported by Google - but most of all, GDG across the globe and across the DACH region cooperate in various formats. We could not do this without the members and we wouldn't be so strong if we didn't cooperate with GDG:s in the rest of the DACH region - sharing ideas, discussing approaches, speaking at each others event, meeting up on a regular basis, online or face to face - at the Firebase Devsummit, for example. 

Many GDG:s run events at the same time, the next big one coming up is Google I/O Extended which we of course do here in Düsseldorf as well. 

But the really big thing coming up is coming up in the autumn - Devfest season! Devfest - Developer Fest - is a conference series and GDG:s across the globe organise developer conferences across the globe, developer conferences covering different topics in the tech field - from Cloud to Android, from hardcore code to design, usability, accessibility.  
And yes, GDG Düsseldorf, Google Developer Group Düsseldorf is going to have a Devfest again this year! We did one 2014, had a break 2015, and did it again 2016. 2017 we are going to do it again - and we already started to plan for it. 

Mark the calendar - our Devfest in Düsseldorf will be the second weekend in September - September 9-10.

The first year we had a one day conference but a big one, last year it was smaller - but stretched over two days. This year we do 2 days again, but expect much bigger than last time - and this year we are on schedule for the planning.

THIS is very exciting! Stay tuned! We will do a Call For Papers. CFP in a not too distance future and of course we hope to have as many visitors as possible, gathering at Sipgate here in Düsseldorf - very excited to have Sipgate on board as a major sponsor! 

So start thinking about what you may want to present at our DEVFEST Düsseldorf  - you'll have a chance to submit talk to other Devfests in the DACH region as well.... 

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