About Ads

I am at the moment allowing ads on my blog, but I try and make it clear what is an ad - you should see the ads to the right where I hope they don't disturb the view too much. 

Right now it's more or less a test and as any test I will need to evaluate it later. I am not convinced that ads are the right thing, at least not for me - I don't blog to make money and having automatic advertisements creates extra work - I do try and keep an eye open to know what types of ads are being displayed. 

I try and make an effort to filter out ads that I don't feel belong; You are for example not supposed to see any diet or dating advertisements, nor do I automatically allow advertising networks - I want to have some sort of control of what you see when you visit my page. 

Never the less something may slip through the filters. Should you find something that is very disturbing or that seems to not correspond at all with what I feel and believe in, I ask you to give me feedback so I can look into it and block further advertisement from said company/organisation/etc if I feel the same way as you do. 

You'll find a link to a webform where you can give me feedback in the right hand column. 

I appreciate your help.

I would also like to point out that texts that I write are all mine. Should I at some point accept an offer to test some products to write a review etc, I will very clearly state that in the text.  It has to do with credibility - and also, I don't blog to make money, I blog about things I am interested in and that make me tick. That will always be my priority.



PS! Spammers, or crowd workers who post spam comments just to be able to add a bunch of links: I will block/remove those comments. Never the less something may slip though, always think twice before you click on a link in a comment.