This is me

Ann-Katrin - who am I?

Food market in Paris
Ann-Katrin. AK. The woman with a red scarf.  Ann-Katrin B. Techie and IT geek. A travel addicted foodie with one foot in the arts. A world citizen who is home where my suitcase lives.

I have been in IT more or less my whole life, I am passionate about technology and love to get involved. Cloud services and SaaS is what I especially care about right now - I love what scales easily.

I have over the year covered many different fields, and have always studied, read and continued to learn about the fields that interest me - art, culture, sustainability, food - in the end they are all connected, one way or the other. I may be an IT geek but I am also an art nerd and a foodie  and I really think that has made me stronger as a techie as well - I can understand the world outside IT.

Born in northern Europe, I have spent a considerable amount of time in Sweden, UK, France, Belgium, Norway, Switzerland and other European countries, as well as in US and in Asia - much of the time on business, or on holiday. Some years ago I moved to Germany, left, and came back again. It's amazing what you learn from interacting with people. 

My adopted home town is Düsseldorf, Germany. I am not German but I am a Düsseldorfer - it doesn't mean that I will stay in  Düsseldorf for ever but it is where I feel at home. The city is also a great starting point for travels, located in the middle of Europe, with an international airport and good train connections. 

When it comes to IT I am passionate about usability, I love the psychology of how we respond to design and I enjoy engaging people - and I enjoy the technology behind.

Sustainability is another thing I care tremendously about.

Note: Everything I write here and all opinions are mine and mine alone, and doesn't represent the views of an employer.