About Privacy

Yes, this blog is using basic Cookies, Cookies that allows me to, if you are allowing cookies to be set, see which country you came from and other basic data, such as what type of your browser you use, so I can adjust and test my settings accordingly, and optimise the reading experience.  

I am not tracking any cookies that could or would be used for advertising purposes. Google Analytics basic functionality is enabled on this blog, but only for basic data. No information about gender, age or which other sites you have visited and so forth is collected. Advertising data is NOT enabled and will never be. I don't use data for advertisement - all I want to do is making sure that the user interface is adjusted for the majority of my readers. 

Furthermore no information is shared with third parties.

You can at any time change your browser settings to turn on or off the use of Cookies. You will still be able to read the blog, the functionality will not be impacted. 

I don't take any responsibility for any links you may follow from this blog, but as long as you stay on my blog, only a small amount of data is collected.

Because I care about data privacy. 

Ann-Katrin, August 2015