About this blog

This blog and all that is on it, unless otherwise stated, is my material. I write because I like to write and because I feel I have something to say.

This is not a travel blog, but yes, there is a fair share of articles related to travel, because travel is very much what I do. 

I don't post every day or every week, but when I feel that I have time to write an article. This is not a typical blog full of short blog posts. The standard blogging is normally done in a different way - a multitude of shorter posts - I know that, but I like to dig into details and write as much for myself as I write for others - at least in this forum. 

This blog is entirely written in English and I plan to keep in that way, but I also write in Swedish, in other forums. 

You will find that I use specific expressions in other languages, and you will notice that there is a share of Mandarin Chinese words especially in texts about Taiwan; The main reason for that is you often need both the English and the Mandarin if you travel in Taiwan, if you only know the English names, the Taiwanese you stop and ask may not be able to help you; They know the places under a different name. I try and use pinyin as well as Chinese characters. I use Traditional Chinese when I write, simply because I learnt Chinese in Taiwan, where the characters used are still traditional Chinese, the same characters as Japan borrowed from China, and the same characters that you will find in old texts - more difficult to write because they have more lines, but, to me, easier to read and understand, not only because I studied them but because they connect to the history, and you can see what they once used to symbolise, in many cases. 

I try and avoid mixing simplified Chinese, the way it is written in China, and traditional, the way it is written in Taiwan - mixing only confuses people, just as it confuses me. 

Oh, and while I mainly talk about "mandarin" when I talk about the spoken language, I do use Chinese when I talk about the written language. Mandarin is one of many Chinese languages, but it is the official language in both Taiwan and China. In Taiwan many people also speak Taiwanese, and since Taiwanese doesn't have it's own written language, they use Chinese characters. The same goes for Cantonese; The Chinese characters are the same, but with different pronunciation and, of course, they may use different combinations of characters. The characters themselves are still the same, though.  

Hope you will enjoy some of the articles, as well as some of the tourist tips, maps, photos and ideas on  what do to and see. 

In Taiwan as well as in Hong Kong traditional Chinese characters are used.
In China, simplified characters are used

In Hong Kong Cantonese is spoken, in Taiwan Mandarin or Taiwanese

In Beijing area, the people speak Mandarin and as this is the language spoken in the capital Mandarin also became the official language of China

But there are many many more languages spoken in both China and Taiwan