How to reach me

How to reach me?

I like to hear from you, without feedback it would be rather uninteresting to write. There are different ways of reaching me, but the easiest is probably to comment on my posts

Or send me an email: ann-katrin _and a little at symbol _ ak-thenextchapter . com

You can also reach me on my work related website: A Red Scarf
Or find more about art and design and that other side of me on AK Next Chapter - the website. On the Photo part of that website you can find some of the photos that I have taken.

Or find  me on Twitter  - AKnextchapter is my geek account.
For art and travel I use a separate one - WanderWorld

Yes, I know. From a marketing perspective madness but since I discuss such different topics, it became apparent to me that I had to keep two different accounts.

I am by the way currently open for a new position,  in the IT field, preferably as product owner or project leader. I am not a programmer, I am the link between business and IT - always was. Yes, I studied software development once upon a time, and I do some hobby projects, and I write my own little scripts when needed - but I am  not a developer. Not a proper one. That's something others do better. My strength is on the people/business/project side, understanding technology, empowering the people in my team to make the right calls.