Copyright - my material

My pictures and my texts

All the texts and all the pictures on the blog are mine unless otherwise stated. 

The text on this site is mine. If you want to refer to them, please make sure you include a link to the blog and clearly state text came from, name the source.

If you want to use any of the material, please contact me first. That includes photos! I photograph a lot, but the photos are mine and I have the right to decide where they end up.

Never use my photos without asking me, and getting a written approval. It is also not allowed to edit my photos. 

If you want to use my texts or my photos, for commercial OR non-commercial use, make sure you have my written approval beforehand.

You can of course link to my blog if you want to, and let your readers read my texts here, and you can of course also quote me as long as it's clearly stated what the source is.

Thanks for respecting that.


PS! You will find my contact details under the page for how to contact me.